Quite often remote data acquisition system faces limitations because of lack of public static IP for the remote terminals. Most of GSM operators do not provide public static IPs for the GPRS connection. They provide only dynamic IPs. This brings a big disadvantage that, remote terminals on GPRS network are often not accessible from an internet server. Most of the SCADA applications and Remote Management Applications like to poll data from remote devices as and when required. Also some of the centralized applications need to access their remote devices for remote control activities.

EMWHIZ Technologies can provide a solution for this type of application using sophisticated VPN software and our GSM/GPRS terminals acting as VPN clients.

In this solution, the VPN server may be installed in a server on the customer’s local area network. This server should have broadband internet connectivity with one or more static IP addresses. The GSM/GPRS based VPN clients will get connected to this VPN server via internet. The handshaking protocol between the remote VPN client terminals and the VPN software will ensure that the clients are always connected to the VPN server.

Virtual static IP can be configured at the VPN server for each of the client terminals installed in the field. These virtual static IPs can be used by the SCADA or any other remote data management software to access the remote devices.

Connectivity between remote VPN client terminal and the remote device can be either on Ethernet or on serial ports like RS232 or RS485. This gives an added advantage that even devices with simple serial ports can be connected to wide area IP network using this solution.

Sensors installed at remote location with Analog or digital outputs can also be connected to the terminals. In such cases our terminals can continuously scan these data and process it real time. Processed information can be accessed by the SCADA server through this VPN.

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