Some GSM/GPRS operators provide Static IP based GPRS SIM cards. These SIM cards can provide public static IP when connected to the public internet. Projects using private GPRS Access Points can also provide static IPs on GPRS network (not public static IP on the internet). In these cases the intelligent GSM/GPRS terminals of EMWHIZ can listen to these static IPs on specified port(s). Any other device or server on the network (Internet in the case of public APN) can get connected to these terminals which will act as IP bridge between the remote device, connected to it on the Ethernet or serial port, and the device/server connecting to the terminal.

If devices are connected to the Terminal on its I/O ports, the terminal can scan these ports in real time and provide the status to the servers.

By using this sort of a solution our customers can create a wide area IP network of their remote devices. A very important and distinct feature of this solution is that even legacy devices with standard serial ports and sensors can be networked on a wide area network.

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