EMWHIZ technologies offer customized solutions for Monitoring and Control of remote systems and devices. Innovative product line with infinite possibilities of customization enables us to offer any type of remote control and monitoring solutions to our customers.

Our intelligent GSM/GPRS/EDGE based terminals allow our customers to remotely access their assets. Short range wireless solutions help users to network their devices locally to these intelligent devices. Zigbee based mesh networking solutions offered by us can be used to set up wireless sensor networks.

IO products with expandable digital as well as analog inputs and outputs can provide a low cost solution for connecting your sensors to the network for monitoring and control.

The intelligent terminals can continuously monitor it’s own IO ports as well as sensor data from networked sensors which are wireless or wired. These terminals can also be connected to other devices like PLCs, Energy meters etc. on its RS232/RS485 port and can be made to collect data from these devices in standard or proprietary protocols.

Powerful CPU of these terminals can process data/information collected from various devices and sensors and process/analyze the same. Customizable firmware allows the user to specify analysis to be done and the events to be generated from that. The firmware can also be made to take different actions based on these events. These actions can include sending alert messages to a group of numbers or to the server. These terminals can also be programmed to take some on-site action using digital and analog outputs of these terminals.

In-built non-volatile flash memory of the terminals can be used to log monitored data periodically or on different events.

EMWHIZ can also take up development of hardware products and embedded software for any special type of Remote Monitoring and Control projects.

A wide range of co-existing and versatile product line of EMWHIZ makes us capable to take up any Remote Monitoring and Control projects.

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