Data acquisition from remote devices and sensors and integration of these data and information with a central cerver can increase effectiveness and efficiency of these systems. There are major challenges for implementing a proper remote data acquisition solution. One of them is the diversity of these devices and the protocol they follow for data communication. Next challenge is to capture this data and process the same at the remote location. Perhaps the most important challenge is communication of this data to the central server through a reliable media.

EMWHIZ TECHNOLOGIES offer a complete end to end solution for above challenges. Intelligent Remote Terminals of EMWHIZ can be used as a Data Logger which can collect data from one or multiple devices connected to it, on standard protocols like Modbus or any other proprietary protocols. Customized software of these terminals can take care of specific protocols of the connected device(s) and convert the data into desired formats for logging and communication. Multithreaded embedded firmware will take care of scheduled data capture from the devices and simultaneously process, log and communicate necessary information to the servers.

The device can also process collected data and generate desired events and take various actions like alert message generation or local alarm generation. Data logging capability of these terminals can be used to store historical data.

EMWHIZ terminals also have digital as well as analog input ports using which it can directly read sensor data from various types of sensors and process, log and/or communicate the same.

Communication of data/information collected from one or more devices to the central server is the key factor in this solution. We use reliable GSM/GPRS/EDGE technology to communicate collected data to the centralized server.

We also offer wide range of communication options for data transfer so that customer can select the best method considering the server capabilities. In communication options we can use TCP/IP sockets, HTTP, FTP or Emails using GPRS/EDGE. We can also offer simple SMS based data communication.

Advanced AES encryption of data communicated to the server is also offered in case high security is required.

EMWHIZ Technologies offer customized solution for Remote Data Acquisition. EMWHIZ can take turnkey projects for data acquisition including server software development, centralized data collection with data base so that users can view data/reports and download data through internet.

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