Automated Meter Reading (AMR)

Automated Meter Reading (AMR) is one of the most challenging projects taken up by many utilities and distribution companies. AMR is widely used in Energy, Water, Gas and Oil distribution companies. There are many challenges for an efficient and effective Automated Meter Reading System.

EMWHIZ Technologies is equipped to address these challenges and provide turnkey AMR solutions for any industry segments.

With a combination of Wireless or Wired local mesh/bus networking and GSM/GPRS based communication to central server, EMWHIZ can offer a feasible solution commercially as well as technically. With this hybrid solution EMWHIZ addresses one of the most important challenges in AMR.

Next challenge in AMR is the protocols using which meter data are to be extracted from various types of meters. EMWHIZ has got a wide range of terminals, with completely customizable firmware, to take up this challenge and offer a perfect AMR solution.

EMWHIZ terminals can also act as data loggers and hence store data locally in case of communication failures with the server. Hence important data collected from the meter are never lost.

Multiple options are also possible for communication to the central sever and hence timely receipt of data at the server is always ensured.

In many cases data collected and communicated may require high security and has to be prevented from hacking. Enhanced AES encryption of data communicated over the air will take care of any security needs.

Real time monitoring and analysis of meter data will also give an opportunity to monitor tampering and generate alert messages to the concerned authorities or to the servers.

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