EMWHIZ Technologies can undertake turnkey data acquisition and management for small and medium enterprises. Services offered by EMWHIZ can include following.

  • Study data acquisition and Management requirements of the customer
  • Evolve proper technology for remote data acquisition and management
  • Develop or supply required hardware for the proposed project
  • Develop and test required embedded software for this hardware
  • Arrange to procure necessary communication resources, like SIM cards from the operators.
  • Install necessary hardware at site
  • Provide a centralized server on the internet for data acquisition.
  • Provide a stable database with sufficient storage at this server
  • Develop customized data acquisition software and install the same at the central server.
  • Develop a web based front end software for report generation and downloading of data from the server by authorized users.
  • Give provision for users to view reports and download data from the central server using standard web browsers through internet from anywhere in the world.
  • Provide 99% uptime for the centralized server.

Our customers have the flexibility to select all or any combination of the above services depending on their requirement. Emwhiz can even take up entire project as a service.

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